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How Epsilon tutoring helps to reinforce Arizona's education system

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Arizona Red for Ed protest

As we are currently fighting to improve education in Arizona, external tutoring support can immediately close the learning gaps students may have in school.

Arizona schools rank near the bottom

Chances for Student Success: Since Arizona education ranking is near the bottom, the chances for student success is also very low. It will be nearly impossible for students in Arizona to be successful when they are not getting the appropriate education that is needed for success (AZCentral).

School Materials: Schools in Arizona are receiving less funds. Therefore, students do not have the necessary materials to successfully do their classwork. The textbooks that are currently being used in the classrooms are old and outdated, updated textbooks are needed in order for students to learn new information (AZCentral).

How Epsilon Tutoring can help

Chances for Student Success: Every new student at Epsilon Math and science Tutoring Center starts with the fundamentals of Math and Science. Epsilon understands that Arizona education ranks near the bottom, so we make sure every student understands every part of Math and Science materials before they move on to other sections. We at Epsilon strongly believe that the best way to do help students in tutoring is to start with the fundamentals.

School Materials: Epsilon Math and Science Tutoring Center materials are all reviewed and updated every year by qualified instructors to make sure all of our students have the most current and up to date materials.

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